Why Your Business Needs A Graphic Designer

With the ever growing technology, it is easy for any business owner to manage their own marketing. How hard can it be to design a business card or brochure using Microsoft word? Why should anyone pay a graphic designer, when there are free tools online, or on our computers that makes everyday marketing materials easy and cheap? Slapping a couple of images and text together on your home computer, does not make you a graphic designer. Getting your assistant or your tech savvy nephew, to put a brochure together does not solve your businesses marketing. There are many reasons why hiring a graphic designer will benefit your business. Here are some reasons why your business needs a graphic designer.

Your time is valuable

Arguably, the biggest valued asset as a business owner is your time. Every minute you take away from work takes potential business or customers away from you. If your focus is on designing, then you loose the chance to market your business, the chance to interact with potential customers, you loose focus on your work and ultimately your business doesn’t grow or make money. Hiring a graphic designer means, you can get your projects done professionally while you focus on your work. It also means getting the right materials to market your business.

You need to be seen

The reason you are in business is to make a living, for most business owners anyways. To make a living off your business, you need it to grow and to be seen by potential clients. You might not need to market yourself a whole lot, if you are the only shoe store in town. But for most businesses, that isn’t the case. If your marketing materials are unique and stand out from your competition, then you are sure to be seen. You are not going to be seen with a mediocre to low logo or brand, brochure, business card or website. Your business needs something memorable, something consistent. That’s what a good graphic designer will do for your business.

You are not a graphic designer

It only takes one impression, to get or lose a client for good. Graphic designers are very creative people, and they do their best to make your business presentable the way you need it, that is their job. Whatever your job, that is your strength and focusing on your job, should be the first priority for your business. Knowing how to use photoshop does not make you a graphic designer. You need your marketing materials to speak to your clients. Investing in a graphic designer for marketing, gives your business image a big boost.

You save money

Most businesses have vendors they can purchase cheap products from. Like a grocery store, buying in bulks and at discount from distribution centres help them stay in business. Most designers have printers they work with regularly. Most graphic designers work with printers that can save you money on printing. A graphic designer will be able to design proper materials that the printers won’t have issue dealing with. They have the right software to develop professional quality products at the same time keeping your cost low.

You get your business image right

I have had clients say to me, “I have an idea, just don’t know how to convey it”. Sometimes you just need someone to listen, and work with you to get those ideas out right. A Graphic designer will convert those ideas into the proper marketing pieces for your business. They are knowledgeable and oozes with creative ideas. Not only can they help with your ideas, but they can help expand your ideas too.

Do not lose business to your competitors because, you cut corners to save a penny. Your business needs to grow and the only way to do that, is to have the right materials to speak to your clients. Do you have a new graphic design project that you will like to get started? Call Eric Nsiah Designs at 250-889-0531 for a free estimate.

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